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About us

Munamú is the brand that represent the creations made by artist Carla Castillo.

The concept

Munamú's characters has a story that transports you to his little world. His contemplative state is characterized by an innocent charm, with meditative and ambivalent expressions, the magic is that the affection that can be achieved by these characters makes them take on a life of their own, and the possibility of achieving that in people, is something very rewarding for the artist.

The process

Each of Munamú's characters is molded, sculpted, painted and assembled by hand, without the use of molds, with a combination of materials and textures that is never repeated, thus creating unique pieces. The photos on catalog shows the item that will be sent to you, and since there are not two equal pieces you will receive an unrepeatable work of art.

The Artist

She is a ‘mixed media artist’, that loves art, travel, reading, animals and nature.

“A lot of what I do is like daydreaming. My imagination is often the source of my work, capturing the complexity of emotions is very important to me, creating subconscious images and influenced by the relationship with nature, experimenting with different media, combining colors, shapes, expressions and textures .
I think of these pieces as souls, each created with its own potential. My work is a collateral emergence of my constant inner search. This is a great gift for me and at the same time, a great challenge, since that encounter with ourselves is the most inevitable of all our relationships.” - Carla Castillo